Gloria Goryl and her classmates Gloria Goryl with Salamandra Sandra's winning project in the company of classmates
09.11.2022 Media

Authors of winning projects for the mascot of the Games awarded

Katarzyna and Gloria are the winners of the competition for the official mascot of the European Games Krakow – Małopolska 2023. Representatives of the organizing committee visited the girls in their schools, congratulated the winners on their victory in such an important competition for the sporting event and handed out well-deserved prizes.
Katarzyna Biśta (15 years old), who is the author of Krakusek Dragon, and 10-year-old Gloria Goryl the originator of Sandra's Salamander, can certainly feel distinguished. Both projects will soon become a tangible and inseparable element of next year's Games. Dragon and salamander mascots will accompany athletes for 12 days of sports struggles, and, what’s important - encourage competitors to fight for medals.

Representatives of the organising committee of the European Games visited both girls in schools and talked to the authors, as well as to the directors of the institutions where they study.

Kasia is a student of the High School in Trzebinia. She find out about the competition from her teacher. – The art teacher said that a competition for the official mascot of the Games is organized, so I decided to try my hand. I sent the application and it worked – said the author of the winning project.

This is not the first time she has taken part in the competition, but never on the occasion of such a large event, which is why she was surprised by the win. – I took part in various competitions, but not of this rank. I didn't have much hope that I would win. When I saw my project in the final three, I was overjoyed and at the same time surprised. I thought there was a chance to win, so I wrote to my friends to vote for my dragon. Everyone voted – family and colleagues. It was a very big help, and I’m very grateful – said the girl.
Katarzyna Biśta Katarzyna Biśta with the project of the Krakusek Dragon
Asked how she imagines the opening ceremony, where she will be able to see her mascot in all her glory, she admitted that it will certainly be a lot of stress, but also an unforgettable event in her life. She also pointed out that the Krakusek Dragon will certainly be associated with Krakow and Małopolska, which are co-organizers of next year's Games.

The principal of the high school, Marek Kuchta, didn’t hide his satisfaction with the victory of his student. - We are very pleased and happy that such a great pleasure met our student. I'm very surprised. We didn't expect her to go this far and win the competition. Kasia will shine by example and will be our star. We will also support her during the opening of the European Games 2023. – he admitted.

Salamandra Sandra is a project of Gloria, a student of the St. John Kante Primary School in Wojnicz. The girl find out about the competition from her cousin, who also took part in the game. Interestingly, it wasn’t the salamander that was the girl's first choice...– My aunt often saw a salamander during mushroom trips. She liked her so much that she called my mother and suggested that I could draw her. I agreed, although at first I had a completely different idea. I wanted to draw a German shepherd. – Gloria admitted.
Gloria Goryl Gloria Goryl and her Salamander Sandra
In the online vote for the mascot of the Games, the Dragon Krakusek was the first to win, but the votes of Internet users and very long conversations of the commission caused that Salamandra Sandra also joined him. – During the online voting, I believed a little that my work could still win, but all the time I saw that the Dragon had a slight advantage. When there were 5 minutes left, I thought I had no chance. When it turned out that there would be two mascots of the Olympics and one of them is my salamander, I was so happy!

My loved ones were also very happy. – said Gloria, admitting that the event at which the mascot of her authorship will be present, she will certainly remember forever.

The school head teacher, Dorota Wełna, in an interview emphasized the pride of the girl's achievement. She also pointed out that the school supported Gloria in the competition. – I felt great joy! It’s unbelievable that on so many works our student won such a distinction and qualified for the grand finale. This is a great pride, because she is a representative of our school, our student community. It’s a great joy that we have such a talented girl at school. During the online voting on our Facebook page and website, we encouraged people to vote for Gloria's project. The mobilization was very large.

Both authors of the projects were invited with their family to the VIP grandstand during the opening and closing ceremonies of the European Games. They received commemorative diplomas, as well as Olympic gadgets. Soon, they will get their hands on real, personalized mascots.

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