Polish national BMX Freestyle Park team Polish national BMX Freestyle Park team
10.11.2022 Sport

BMX Freestyle Park World Championships in Abu Dhabi - Polish female accent

Top BMX Freestyle Park riders will compete for an Olympic pass at the UCI Urban Cycling World Championships, which is currently underway. For the first time, the arena for the riders, who compete from November 9 to 13 in Abu Dhabi, is a Middle Eastern country. This is also a historic moment for our national team, with a debut of a talented female rider, who has a chance to get to the finals.
BMX Freestyle fans, get your calendars ready! The BMX Parks competition begins on Thursday, November 10, with women's qualification, and men's qualification will take place a day later, on Friday, November 11. The men's and women's semifinals are scheduled for Saturday, November 12, and the finals are scheduled for Sunday, November 13. There's a lot to fight for - the gold and silver medalists will gain an Olympic pass for the country, and that's a year and a half before Paris. 

BMX Freestyle Park - although it's very popular since the1970 and has won the hearts of few generations of young people - is a very young competition in the history of the Olympic Games. The first time it appeared as an Olympic sport was in 2020 in Tokyo, where British Charlotte Worthington and Australian Logan Martin triumphed.

Our male team is currently 18th in the world ranking, and is coached by Marcin Oskiera and Luiza Hlubocka. Among the Poles there will be few promising debuts. Maksymilian Kowalczyk from the Domin Sport cycling club will compete at the World Championships for the first time. We will also witness the first, historic start of a woman in the BMX Freestyle competition - Natalia Niedźwiedź from the Domin Sport/LKKG cycling club will compete for the highest score.

The riders will compete for a medal on distinctive lightweight and durable bikes. Judges will evaluate their tricks, the style of the ride, the height of the tricks and the use of the skatepark. The finals of the BMX Freestyle Park competition will be televised by Eurosport.

The World Championships, which take place in the United Arab Emirates, are a perfect foretaste of all the excitement that the upcoming European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 will bring, when Europe's biggest sports stars will compete for the European Championship and an Olympic appearance, at a skatepark built for the occasion in Krzeszowice. We will admire the spectacular competition, with at least 80 riders, on June 21 and 22. A real BMX boom is coming our way!

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