Company CEO Marcin Nowak on preparations for the 2023 European Games Company CEO Marcin Nowak on preparations for the 2023 European Games
18.11.2022 EG2023 Cracow

European Games 2023 special guest of the International Padla Tournament

Warsaw's Arkadia shopping center is hosting a unique paddle fest from November 14 to 19. During the international tournament with the participation of the national teams of Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary, a press conference was also held, attended by representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Organizing Committee of the European Games Krakow Malopolska 2023.
Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world. This relatively new discipline was brought closer to fans by a five-day event at the Arkadia shopping center - Padel4All. Everyone could take part in training on a professional court, enjoy demonstration matches and an international padel tournament with the participation of the national teams of four countries. 

Representatives of the European Games 2023 were also present at the event. On Friday, November 18, the President of the Organizing Committee - Marcin Nowak, President of the Polish Padel Federation - Marcin Potrzebowski, and Director of the Department of the European Games 2023 at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism - Mariusz Zagórski - talked about preparations for next year's biggest sports event.

The sporting event, which lasts almost a week, is a perfect foretaste of the excitement that awaits us at next year's European Games. A five-day padel tournament will then be played, with 128 players from all over Europe taking part. The semifinals and final matches (on Sunday, June 25) will be played under unique circumstances. Sports enthusiasts will watch the skirmishes of the best paddle players amidst historic buildings in the Main Square of Krakow.

Friday's press conference was opened by Marcin Nowak. The president of the European Games company once again stressed the huge role of the event. - The largest cultural and sports event in the world is ahead of us. It is also the first event of this magnitude to note the potential of paddle. In the near future, the discipline has a chance to become an Olympic sport. The prestige of the event will also be highlighted by the athletes present. Most of the qualification has already started, and all indications are that the Games will not lack the biggest European sports stars, Nowak stressed.
European Games 2023 hosted by International Padla Tournament European Games 2023 hosted by International Padla Tournament
The president of the Polish Padel Federation, Marcin Potrzebowski, talked about the tournament taking place in Arcadia, thanks to which this sport, which is still little known in Poland, has a chance to gain a multitude of new fans. - It's hard to imagine a better opportunity to promote the sport than next year's tournament at the European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023. During the spectacular final on the Main Square in Krakow, sports emotions have a chance to match those of aesthetics - and they will certainly remain in the memory of not only Poles, but also fans from around the world for a long time, he assured.

Director Mariusz Zagórski gave very good information for all fans of this new sport, that thanks to the initiative of the Minister of Sport and Tourism, Kamil Bortniczuk, padel, teqball and beach soccer have entered the program of support for non-Olympic sports, so they can receive funding for preparations for the European Games.

All the attendees encouraged participation in next year's Games, for which preparations are going full steam ahead. Meanwhile, an international paddle tournament is ahead, with representatives from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany.

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