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MTB at next year's Krakow-Malopolska 2023 European Games

Mountain biking has featured as an Olympic competition for 26 years. Mountain Bike racing also appeared at the First European Games in Baku, and in 2023 it will again feature on the Olympic program. The competition will take place in Krynica-Zdroj and will last one day.
Extreme sport an Olympic competition

Mountain biking or MTB, from mountain bike, had its origins in the 1970s in the USA, where it was at that time that the fashion for cycling on very difficult terrain was born. Gary Fisher is considered to be the founder of the sport, who in 1979 was the originator of the production of mountain bikes, which featured a thicker and shorter frame than on road bikes. Fisher also got rid of unnecessary things that were part of the classic bike - fenders and guards.

Initially, mountain biking was an informal extreme sport, and the first competitions consisted of descents on narrow and winding forest paths - today's popular DH. It wasn't until 1990 that the International Cycling Union (UCI) took notice of the sport and included it in its official competitions, which took place in Durango, Colorado, USA. Competitions were held in both men's and women's cross-country and downhill competitions, and a year later the first World Cup series was held.

In 1996, cross-country competition officially became a competition held at the Summer Olympics.

Rules and competitions

In mountain biking, competitions are held in several competitions, the most popular are: cross-country XCO, downhill DH, short race XCC, enduro END, marathon XCM, eliminator XCE, team relay XCR, four cross 4X. During the Krakow-Malopolska 2023 European Games, women and men will compete only in cross-country (XCO), which is the only Olympic competition. 

This competition is played on a round of 4 - 6 km, and the athletes cover it several times. The number of laps is determined by the judge before the start of the race. The minimum race time during the Games is 1:20h and the maximum is 1:40h, calculated for the first competitor at the finish line. Athletes compete in a mass start race, and the spacing at the starting line is determined by the number of points currently held in the UCI ranking.

Krynica Zdroj will host the best athletes

During next year's Games, nearly 160 athletes will take part in mountain biking races. They will face each other on June 25 in Krynica Zdrój on a specially prepared route within the Parkowa Mountain. The competition will at the same time hold the rank of the European Championships, and the points earned will strengthen the athletes' chances of participating in the 2024 IO.

Parkowa Mountain is a 742-meter-high peak located in the heart of Krynica. From its summit there is a view of the Beskid Sądecki and Niski, and on good visibility also the Tatra Mountains.

On the slopes of the mountain is the over two-hundred-year-old Spa Park - one of the main walking and recreational areas within Krynica-Zdroj. A popular resting place on the slope of Gora Parkowa is Michasiowa Polana. You can go to the top of Parkowa Mountain by a cable car built in 1937, and at the top, in the building of the cable car, there is also a restaurant with a terrace. Next to it are the so-called "paradise slides", from which you can slide down on special pads.

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