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Olympic sports

Artistic swimming

Canoe Slalom

The discipline first appeared at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, but have not become a permanent element of the Olympic program until Barcelona in 1992. Initially competition was held in nature, nowadays the special facilities with the necessary adjustments are being created. The canoeists will be admired and supported at the Kolna Sports Centre in Kraków.

Canoe Sprint

Canoeing comes from the United States, where the Native Americans used canoes for moving around. The first canoe club was established in 1866, and the international federation was founded in 1924 in Copenhagen. The races are held on a straight racing track with no obstacles. Full steam ahead! Competition will take place on the Kryspinow Waterway.


The first competition in diving was held in 1880 in Great Britain. In 1904, this discipline debuted at the Olympic Games. Since 1924, athletes have competed in jumps from a 10-meter tower and a 3-meter trampoline. In 2000, for the first time, competitions in synchronized jumping were also held. This is a spectacular sport discipline. Diving can be admired at Diving Arena in Rzeszów.


Precision, dexterity, patience, endurance and determination. These are the necessary qualities to be successful in fencing. This discipline has its roots in the ancient art of using bladed weapons but sports fencing was born only in the nineteenth century. It's among the five sports that have been on the agenda of all the Olympic Games so far. As part of the European Games, the competition will take place in the ultra-modern Tauron Arena in Krakow.


Fistfighting was already known in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, but boxing similar to today's one was born in 18th-century England. Boxing is the toughest sport in the world, according to an ESPN report. It requires amazing technique, greatest stamina and impact resistance. Boxing will be held at Nowy Targ Arena.


Precision, an accurate eye and nerves of steel - these are the necessary qualities of a good representative of this discipline. Shooting has long history - it even appeared at the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Since then, it has only been missing from two Olympic Games (in 1904 and 1928). Over the years, the number of competitions and the type of weapons used have changed. The most important thing is accuracy, but the judges also rate other things, like shooter's posture. The competition will be held at the Wroclaw Shooting Centre.

Sport Climbing

A sport in which the laws of gravity don't seem to apply. It's one of the Olympic disciplines, that involves moving in terrain so steep, that it is necessary to use the attachment of rock anchors. This is the main feature that distinguishes sport climbing from classic climbing, in which athletes are required to remove their protection at the start of the climb. The competitors' struggles and skills will be admired at the University of Applied Sciences in Tarnów.


People have played badminton for ages. Paintings depicting a badminton-like game were found in the ruins of the Aztec and Chinese civilizations. Today, badminton is the most popular in Asia and Denmark, and amateur games can be seen on every beach. There are singles and doubles matches, and two sets have to be won to win entire match. During the European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 we will have an opportunity to cheer the competitors at the Jaskółka Arena in Tarnów.


A sport originating in Korea. Taekwondo was created for military purposes, but over time it became a sports discipline for civilians, and in 2020 it became an Olympic discipline. A spectacular sport that involves flying kicks. Mastering the skills needed to perform this sport at the highest level, require as much strength and speed, as human body is capable of. Taekwondo fights will take place in the Krynica-Zdrój Arena.


A sport that gained immense popularity in the early 1970s on the streets of New York. Initially, it was mosty knows as a dance, an element of hip-hop culture. It definitely was not expected to became an Olympic sport one day - but soon it will be. Breaking will be included in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games program, but before that happens, the competition will also be held in Poland. We will have an opportunity to cheer the athletes at the Strzelecki Park in Nowy Sącz.


Judo has centuries-old tradition. It's an iconic style of martial arts. The sport was born in Japan, and gained popularity around the world in the early 20th century. Since 1964 it has been an Olympic discipline in the men's edition, and since 1988 Olympic medals in judo have also been won by women. The arena for the judokas' struggles will be the Krynica-Zdrój Arena.

Cycling Mountain Bike (MTB XCO)

It's a sport for the brave ones. You have to jump on the bike, forget about the risk and start rushing along mountain trails full of obstacles. The discipline is very popular among amateurs, and was born in the United States in the late 70s. In 1996, cycling mountain bike made its debut at the Olympic Games. The Olympic qualifications will take place at Krynica-Zdrój Hill Park area.

Cycling BMX Freestyle

Few disciplines have gained popularity so quickly. BMX has been winning the hearts of generation after generation of youth since the 1970s. As an Olympic discipline, it debuted in 2008 in Beijing, however, the freestyle park category appeared only at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Soon we will have an opportunity to admire this spectacular sport at the European Games in 2023. The competition will take place in Krzeszowice BMX Park.


A unique combination of swimming, cycling and running. The route consists of 1.5 kilometers of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running - and all of this require outstanding strength. The competition will take place at the Nowa Huta Lake area.

Rugby Sevens

The seven-players type of rugby is the younger sister of the most popular fifteen-players type. Its origins date back to 1883, when representatives of the Scottish Melrose team, in order to gain financial support for their club, began to organise matches in incomplete squads. The real "boom" for this genre of rugby started in Scotland in the early 20s. A discipline requires great strength and endurance, because players don't have a moment to rest. The games will be held at the Henryk Reyman Stadium in Krakow.

Modern Pentathlon

A sport that requires incredible versatility. The modern pentathlon consists of five disciplines: sword fencing, swimming, cross-country running, gun shooting and horse riding. The winner is the one who scores the most points in each competition. The competitions during the 3rd European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 will be held at the facilities of the AWF Sports Center.


Bows were once a fighting tool, today they are used to win medals. Archery is a sport discipline that requires great precision and persistence. The first World Championships in this discipline were held in 1931 in... Poland. Ninety-two years later, as part of the European Games, the archery competition will take place at Plaszowianka Archery Park.


One of the oldest sports in the world. Athletics is a sport in its pure form, resembling the ancient games. Athletics competitions are also a feast for fans, who can sit comfortably in the stands while admiring the spectacular view. The competition at the European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023 will also be held as European Athletics Team Championships. The famous Silesian Stadium in Chorzów will be the host of athletics competition.

Table Tennis

Although table tennis is associated mainly with Asia, and primarily China, the game actually comes from Great Britain. In the nineteenth century, it was mostly known as the sport for the upper class, officers and the local elite. Originally played with a golf ball, the invention of the celluloid ball in 1901 was a real breakthrough. Today, it is an extremely popular sport. Table tennis is played in halls all over the world. In Kraków, the competition will be held in Hutnik Arena.

3x3 Basketball

One of the most popular basketball varieties. Nowadays, it's played at the Olympic Games, but initially 3x3 basketball was popular in gyms and on the school playgrounds. Since 2007, the World Championships, European Championships and World Tour have been held. The game is played in a small space with both teams aiming at the same basket. There is always something going on on the court. The 3x3 basketball tournament will be held on the court of Cracovia Arena in Krakow.

non-olympic sports


Summer Ski Jumping

One of Poland's most popular sports is making its debut at the European Games in its summer form. Snow will be replaced by a plastic matting. The competition will be held on the nearly 100-year-old Zakopane Jumping Hills - both in the area of the Central Sports Centre in Zakopane.

Beach Handball

Sand, sun, ball. What more could one ask for? Beach handball is quite a young sport - the first tournament was held in 1992. Teams consist of three players on the field and a goalkeeper. Well-aimed shot at the goal is rewarded with one point, but the "spectacular throw", such as spin shot, is rewarded with two points. The team that wins both of the 10-minute halves automatically wins the entire game. If the game is tied, there's overtime. The competition will take place in Tarnów Beach Arena.

Mountain Running

A collective take-off, run through the magnificent highlands, and finally a desired finish line. Mountain running is a sport for strong runners, who like to compete almost shoulder to shoulder. The route on the European Games will be about 12 kilometers long, with 600 meters of vertical gain. Mountain runners will compete at Krynica-Zdroj Hill Park area.



A sport, that you can fall in love with from the first moment. The strength of padel lies in its simplicity – the rules are intuitive, and playing does not require as much skill as in tennis. This unusual combination of tennis and squash is also making a splash at the professional level, as the matches are spectacular. During the European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023, we will have an opportunity to admire players’ skills on the Main Square in Kraków.


A spectacular and rapidly growing sport. The main element is a table, resembling the one for table tennis, but with curved top. Players bounce the ball with their legs, head or body in such a way, that it hits the other side of the table. As in table tennis – the opponent should not be able to pick it up. Matches are played in singles, doubles or mixed doubles, and after impressive game, the audience is often left speechless. We will have an opportunity to admire the best players’ skills on the Main Square in Kraków.

Beach Soccer

Spectacular actions, shots from the rollover, quick counters. Football played on the beach is definitely a pleasing to the eye type of sport, and it was popularized by stars like Eric Cantona or Romario. Teams of five compete on a sandy field, and the match consists of twelve-minute thirds. Competitions during European Games will take place in the Tarnów Beach Arena.

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